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Dive deep into the mind of Katheryn Davis to discover the truth behind her past. Explore the repressed memories of her family’s brutal murder so she may find the hope she needs to move forwards with her life.

As a child, Katheryn Davis was the sole survivor of a brutal serial killer attack. Years later she yearns to learn the truth behind what happened, which she has repressed, so that she may find the courage and hope she needs to move on with her life.

With the help of new technology, developed by the Doctor, she is about to dive into her memories in a dream-like state. There she must face her inner demons and explore the dark corners of her mind to reveal what she already knows, but is too afraid to recognize. But the truth may be far more than anyone realizes…

Fractured Mind is a first-person adventure horror game developed by Top Zombie for the 1st Rocky Mountain Game Developer’s Gam Jam.


WASD/Arrows: movement 

"C"/"Left CTRL" : crouch

"Shift": Run

"F": Toggle Flashlight

"E"/Left-Click: Use Item

Escape/"Q": Quit/Pause


Jam Team

Art: Khalen McDonnell, Thomas Cutter Rudge, Abhinav Maroju

Programming: Jeff Hardy

Mentor/Producer: Tom Blind


Voice Acting: Brogan Boles, Dan Wcislo, Brandon Fredricks

Install instructions

Depending on your PC performance the graphics quality may scale down considerably.  This game has not been optimized for PC performance and was tested on high end gaming PCs.


FracturedMind.zip 121 MB


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I think you have a great start to a very interesting concept.

This is so sad but nice horror game!

I loved watching this video! Haha. Thanks for playing!


Thanks for playing our game!  I can see we need to help people not get lost more :)  Impressed you stuck with it and finished it though!

yes :D i have ending  but  so deep story,